knowit ERP

ERP forms the technology backbone for your entire requirement throughout your organization where it connects every layer of the business and helps building business relationships. From supply chain management to sales force automation, to customer self-service and e-commerce, every business operation needs to integrate seamlessly into your ERP solution. A fully integrated system ensures that managers, customers, partners, employees, and vendors have the information they need when they need it most.


POCO CRM focuses on dealing with the people who are the profit and revenue boosters of the enterprise. It enables the organization to manage their clients with great deal of efficiency. POCO CRM is architected in such a manner that it can handle almost all the information that is required to enhance your overall business operations. This makes POCO CRM more robust and potent.

Knowit DMS

Knowit DMS is an easy to use web based document management system built from ground-up using SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technologies. This intuitive software offers powerful document management features that include all tools a business requires to digitally manage their documents over the cloud and can be used by companies of all sizes across all verticals. It will help businesses have better access and control over their documents

knowit HMS

Knowit HMS is an integrated ERP solution for Hospitals comprising of all required modules in an Hospital starting from Front Office, Clinical, Billing & Collection to Finance, HRMS and Inventory. Knowit HMS beautifully automates the entire process flow with utmost ease and highly reduced data entry work. Knowit HMS is a web based solution developed in latest MVC technology. It is available both as SaaS (Cloud) as well as On-Premise solution and covers the entire chain of healthcare delivery, right from small clinic to multi-specialty hospitals. crm and erp software, crm software solutions , erp with crm